Jul 102012

According to the Carroll County Times, there is currently no deal “imminent” between the Ravens and franchise player Ray Rice just 6 days before the deadline for franchise players to sign long term deals. This report comes a week after ESPN’s John Clayton predicted that the two sides would come to an agreement ahead of the deadline citing that Rice is one of the few running backs worth what he is asking.

Rice is looking for a deal that would make him the 2nd highest paid running back in the league behind Adrian Peterson and wants to surpass deals that Arian Foster (5 years, 43.5 million, 20.8 million guaranteed) and LeSean McCoy (5 years, 45 million, 20.8 million guaranteed) have received this offseason. It’s looking like it could go either way right now. If the two sides cannot come to agreement, Rice may skip some of Training Camp in protest, but only symbolically as he’ll no longer be able to sign a long term deal with the team after next Monday’s deadline.

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