Mar 212014

James Jones seemed like a prime candidate to get overpaid this off-season, coming over from Green Bay’s explosive passing offense and as a member of a wide receiver class in free agency that lacked difference makers after Eric Decker and Golden Tate. He has been a featured wide receiver in an explosive pass offense for the past 2 seasons and hasn’t really done much with it, totaling 784 receiving yards on 664 routes run in 2012 and 817 receiving yards on 544 routes run in 2013.

The 14 touchdowns he caught in 2012 are an outlier as he’s totaled 23 touchdowns in his other 6 seasons in the league combined. He’s a marginal starting receiver that the Packers made look better than he was and now he’s going into his age 30 season. Credit the market for not falling into the trap and to the Raiders for scooping him up at a reasonable rate, 11.3 million over 3 years. It’s not a fantastic value or anything, but Jones is a passable wide receiver and under 4 million yearly is about right for him.

Grade: B+

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