May 162012

When the Patriots acquired Chad Ochocinco last offseason, some speculated he could be their best deep threat receiver since Randy Moss. Instead, the complete opposite happened. Ochocinco struggled to get on the field and when he was given a chance to play, he did not impress. He reportedly didn’t even know the playbook very well. Ochocinco took a pay cut with the intention of staying on the roster this season, but if you ask Comcast Sports New England’s Tom Curran, that might not be enough.

Curran gave Ochocinco a 30% chance to make the roster. Even if Curran is not right on the mark with that number, it’s probably not much higher or lower than that. The Patriots have brought in several new receivers this offseason, including Brandon Lloyd, Jabar Gaffney, Anthony Gonzalez, Donte Stallworth, and Jeremy Ebert. They also resigned Deion Branch and franchise tagged Wes Welker. Ochocinco is owed 1 million dollars in 2012 and if he can’t beat out one of Wes Welker, Brandon Lloyd, Deion Branch, and Jabar Gaffney for a spot on 4-wide sets, that number won’t be worth it for the Patriots. I doubt they’d pay a 5th receiver that much.

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