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May 122012

By Cormac Eklof 

Seemingly every year the Chargers start off slow, but right now every single NFL pundit is tripping over themselves to pick them as a ‘come-back’ team to watch for in the second half of the season. The problem is, have you seen how soft the Chargers early schedule was, and against that all they managed was a pathetic 2-4 record? Their four losses have come to teams that went a combined 15-49 in 2009. Losing to those teams is nothing short of pathetic for a side with as much talent as the Chargers. This game is a tough situation for San Diego . All the pressure is on Norv Turner and his team. Turner has to produce results ‘yesterday’. The Patriots are effectively playing with house money, with big wins in the bag already. However, there is a bit of history between these two teams, they really don’t like each other and you can bet Bill Belichick will hammer that home all week long to his Patriots. The New England offence looks completely re-energized by the Moss trade, as if they have been freed of a weight. Brady looks very comfortable with Branch/Welker/Tate as ‘his guys’ and the play calling was very mixed and creative against Baltimore . Once again, all the pressure is on Turner and the Chargers, the Patriots can relax and go in and play their game. Traditionally the Chargers build a hole for themselves and then come back in the second half of the season, sure, but traditions are there to be ended, and the Patriots can jam a serious monkey wrench into the Chargers season with a hard fought win this coming Sunday.

The pick: New England 30-27

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