Oct 032012

Record: 3-1

Last week: 4 (+0)

The Eagles were -10 in turnovers through the first 3 games and then didn’t commit a single turnover against the Giants last week in a win. A lot of people are surprised, but I’m not. Turnovers are incredibly inconsistent on a week to week basis. No matter what a team’s turnover differential in a previous week, teams tend to average a turnover differential of 0.0 the following week. This team is incredibly talented and sits at 3-1, while ranking tied for 2nd in the league in yards per play differential, and is a legitimate threat to be this year’s team that goes from out of the playoffs to a first round bye. They’re the 2nd best team in the NFC, in my opinion.


QB Michael Vick: 19 of 30 for 241 yards and a touchdown, 2 throw aways, 1 batted pass, 2 drops, 99.8 adjusted QB rating, pressured on 18 of 36 drop backs (2 sacks, 3 scrambles, 6 of 13, 2 throw aways, 1 drop)


RT Todd Herremans: Allowed 2 quarterback hits and 2 quarterback hurries on 36 pass block snaps, 2 penalties, run blocked for 5 yards on 2 attempts

LT Demetress Bell: Allowed 1 quarterback hit and 3 quarterback hurries on 36 pass block snaps, run blocked for 4 yards on 2 attempts

WR Jeremy Maclin: Caught 1 pass for 7 yards on 3 attempts on 35 pass snaps, 3.0 YAC per catch, 1 drop

LE Jason Babin: 1 quarterback hit on 36 pass rush snaps, 1 penalty, 1 assist

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