Sep 192013

Last week: 16

I tweeted before Pittsburgh/Cincinnati that I could see the loser of the game still making the playoffs after starting 0-2 and I still feel Pittsburgh could sneak in, even after losing. It was a pretty competitive game either way. If David Paulson doesn’t fumble in field goal range in the 1st quarter and a tipped ball doesn’t turn into an interception in the 4th quarter, that could have been a completely different game. The Steelers really need Le’Veon Bell to come back healthy and play well. He’s expected back this week. Right now, their offense doesn’t make any sense, as they have no running game, a deep throw quarterback, speed receivers, an overmatched offensive coordinator who loves short throws, and an offensive line that can’t block. Fortunately, the defense looks like one of the better units in the NFL thanks to the return of Troy Polamalu healthy.

Week 2 Studs

SS Troy Polamalu

Week 2 Duds

LT Mike Adams

MLB Lawrence Timmons


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