Sep 272012

Last week: 6 (-5)

Record: 1-2

The Steelers suck on the road. Over the last year plus on the road, they are -43, including playoffs, and +137 at home. They beat Indianapolis by just 3, Kansas City by just 4, and Cleveland by just 3 last year and now they lost to Oakland. They also really miss James Harrison and especially Troy Polamalu. That’s not all him, but a lot of that is him. He’s their only irreplaceable defensive player and his mere presence can disrupt passing plays and running plays. The Steelers are now 7-8 since 2009 without him, allowing 21.6 points per game and 27-8, allowing 14.4 points per game, with him. Once the Steelers get home and get healthy off a bye, they should be fine. In a weak AFC, they still look like a good bet for the playoffs, but I don’t like their chances of winning a road playoff game, which it looks like they’ll have to.


QB Ben Roethlisberger: 36 of 49 for 384 yards and 4 touchdowns, 1 throw away, 2 spikes, 100.8 adjusted QB rating, pressured on 10 of 51 drop backs (1 sack, 6 of 9, 1 throw away)

WR Mike Wallace: 8 catches for 123 yards and a touchdown on 11 attempts on 51 pass snaps, 4.9 YAC per catch


RB Jonathan Dwyer: Rushed for -1 yards (1 after contact) on 3 carries, 1 fumble, 1 catch for 1 yard on 1 attempt

LE Ziggy Hood: Did not record a pressure on 36 pass rush snaps, 1 assist

P Drew Butler: 3 punts for 108 yards, 1 inside 20, 1 return for 5 yards, 34.3 net yards per punt

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