May 122012


95. G Tony Bergstrom C+

The Raiders needed a guard. In fact, it might have been their most pressing need because Cooper Carlisle is 35 in August and was only resigned to 1 year, veteran minimum deal. However, I had Bergstrom much lower than this on my board.

129. OLB Miles Burris C

The Raiders lost Kamerion Wimbley this offseason so they need a tweener defensive end/outside linebacker type, but Burris was much lower than this on my board.

158. DE Jack Crawford B

I guess they could use another pass rusher, but they had other needs and this is a tad early for Crawford.

168. WR Juron Criner A

This is a great steal. Wide receiver wasn’t a need at all, but Criner is a good receiver who could provide value immediately as a 4th receiver. He could end up being a starter someday. I had a 3rd round grade on him.

189. DT Christo Bulukidi C+

Interestly, Bulukidi was the first player off the board that I had never heard of. It took until the 6th round. This was a pretty big reach, given that, but they could use another defensive tackle.

230. OLB Nathan Stupar B+

Another outside linebacker? I guess it was a bit of a need. I had Stupar outside of my top 250 though, but it’s the 7th round so it’s fine.

I have to factor the Carson Palmer trade, the Terrelle Pryor pick, and the Jason Campbell trade into this grade. The Campbell trade was actually fine, but despite essentially using 3 picks on quarterbacks in this draft, they still don’t have a long term answer at quarterback. Carson Palmer is 33 in December and had more interceptions than touchdowns last season after leading the league in interceptions in 2010. He’s owed 28 million in 2013 and 2014 and the regime that brought him in is gone. If the Raiders are picking early in 2013 (definitely a possibility given all they lost defensively), they could definitely take another quarterback.

Given that they didn’t have a lot of picks after all of those deals, they really add to nail their selections and I don’t think they did that. Their first 2 picks were major reaches by my board and the only selection they made that I really liked was the Juron Criner pick. Even some of their late round selections were reaches, including the first player off the board I had never heard of. In fact, they only got 2 players out of this draft that I had higher than a 7th round grade on. Given all of their trades and the Pryor pick, when you put this all together, this was one of the worst drafts this year. They have a lot of rebuilding to do after the previous regime mortgaged their future to go 8-8 twice.

Grade: C-


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