Jun 122012

Maurice Jones Drew and Chris Clemons were two of the three under contract players to skip the 1st day of his team’s mandatory minicamp. The other was Ed Reed, but unlike MJD and Clemons, he didn’t do so in search of a new contract. Reed is still not 100% committed to play in 2012, which would be his 12th in the NFL and his age 34 season. The Ravens can fine Reed 60 thousand for missing minicamp.

Even though he said earlier this offseason he was not 100% sure he wanted to play this season, most have assumed he would return. His absence at minicamp is a bad sign, but it’s still highly unlikely that he retires. He’s known for wanting to use the offseason to spend time with his family and workout solo. Ray Lewis says that Reed will, for sure, be there for Training Camp. Ravens’ fans should still be more concerned about Reed’s age, injury history, and contract status (he’s unsigned after this season), than about Reed potentially retiring.

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