Jul 142012

In an interview with the Baltimore Sun, Ravens’ unsigned franchise player Ray Rice says he’s “optimistic” about getting a new deal from the Ravens ahead of Monday’s 4 PM ET deadline. While Rice may be “optimistic,” NFL Network’s Jason La Canfora is not so much. La Canfora reported earlier this week that talks were in a “stalemate,” while a report from the Carroll County Times seconded that and said that no deal was “imminent.”

Things could have changed in the few days since, but Rice has been asking all along for about 10 million per year, which would make him the 2nd highest paid running back in the league behind Adrian Peterson, while the Ravens have been insisting on paying him in the 8-9 million dollar range that backs like LeSean McCoy, Arian Foster, and Chris Johnson are paid in. It’s possible one side will cave before the deadline (if it’s either, I think it would have to be Rice), but all signs are pointing to Rice having to play out the season on his 7.7 million dollar tender. The Ravens could even franchise Rice again next offseason without having to pay him the 10 million per year he wants.

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  1. He is the best back in the league and he should be paid that way, the Ravens keep messing around and they will lose him.

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