Russell Okung

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May 122012


Offensive Tackle 

Oklahoma State

6-5 310

40 time: 5.17

Draft board overall prospect rank: #3

Draft board offensive tackle rank: #1

Overall rating: 98*

1/19/10: He’s got excellent footwork and good zone versatility. He has the agility, athleticism, and footwork to be an elite zone blocking left tackle, but he also has good strength, though not elite, and can take down defensive ends one-on-one. His footwork is his best attribute and he is strong as a run blocker and as a pass blocker. 

6/27/09: Russell Okung is that franchise type left tackle that teams have been taking in the top 5 over the past few years. In 2007 we had Joe Thomas, in 2008 Jake Long, and last year Jason Smith. He doesn’t really have any weaknesses. He has great footwork and plays with great leverage. He has great size and while he doesn’t have good timed speed, he has good lateral quickness that can be used to block quicker defenders. Some of the faster defensive ends and rush linebackers will still be able to blow right past him. He has a ton of experience and a great track record. He played left tackle for Oklahoma State’s dynamic offense last season and was a huge part of it. The left tackle is the 2ndmost important position on an offense. He started week 1 as a true freshman and hasn’t missed a game in 3 years since. In addition to being a great pass blocker, he’s also a terrific run blocker, especially for a left tackle, a position that mainly used as a pass blocker. He doesn’t let off blocks until the play is completely over, which is rare for a college kid, and he never takes plays off. He has an amazing work ethic. He can play right tackle, in addition to left, and he can play some guard, though he doesn’t have as much value as a guard.

NFL Comparison: Ryan Clady

*=For a breakdown of what this means, click here

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