Jun 162012

Chris Ivory is a talented running back with experience, 1090 yards and 6 touchdowns on 216 yards (5.0 YPC), but he’s buried on the depth chart in New Orleans’ deep running back group, behind Mark Ingram, Darren Sproles, and Pierre Thomas, and SportsNOLA’s Brian Allee-Walsh believes he’s on the roster bubble as the Saints may not want to carry 4 running backs in 2012. Allee-Walsh also mentions Ivory’s history of injury problems as an obstacle to him making the roster. If he is cut, don’t expect him to last long on the open market. He’s too talented not to make someone’s final  53 and he only recently turned 24. The Saints might actually be able to get something for him in a trade. They should at least explore the possibility.

  2 Responses to “Saints’ Chris Ivory is on the roster bubble”

  1. Ivory has earned a spot on this roster. He isn’t going nowhere. Bet the house on it!!

    • He definitely has earned it. But why not trade him? He is only the 4th RB and he could probably bring back something in a trade.

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