Aug 082012

K Nate Kaeding

Punters and kickers are the most often franchised because the franchise tag values for them are very cheap and franchising them makes a lot more sense than giving them a long term deal.  Kaeding is a career 86.5% field goal kicker, but he missed all of last season with injury. If he can bounce back in 2012, the Chargers could easily franchise him, especially since they don’t have another obvious candidate for the tag.

Likelihood: Likely

OLB Shaun Phillips

Phillips has been one of the Chargers’ best pass rushers over the last few seasons, but he’ll be heading into his age 32 season in 2013 it would make sense for the Chargers to franchise him, rather than give him a long term deal. However, he’s coming off an injury plagued season and an aging player, so he’ll need a bounce back year to prove he’d even be worth the linebacker franchise tag (8.8 million in 2012) at age 32. Even if he does that, the Chargers may just opt to move on from the aging Phillips, after bringing in two new rush linebackers this offseason, Melvin Ingram (draft) and Jarret Johnson (free agency).

Likelihood: Unlikely

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