May 122012


15. DE Bruce Irvin F

Bruce Irvin was the first defensive end off the board in 2012. I’m not basing this grade on “they could have gotten him in the 2nd round” because we don’t know that for sure. I’m basing this grade on what I see on tape of Irvin. He’s a great athlete with natural pass rush ability, but he’s a one trick pony who probably can’t comfortably add any weight and if an offensive lineman is able to get his hands on him, it’s normally over for him.

He really reminds me of Aaron Maybin. The Bills tried to get Maybin to add some weight and play every down, but he couldn’t do it so they cut him 2 years after using the 11th overall pick on him. Now he’s found a niche as a situational player in New York playing in the 230s. The Seahawks are probably going to start Irvin out in that role, but you don’t take players like that in the first, especially not with his history of off the field issues. As recently as March, he was arrested so it looks like he might not have fully shed his troubled past.

47. MLB Bobby Wagner B

The Seahawks really needed a middle linebacker. I had a 3rd round grade on Wagner so this is a bit of a reach, but this certainly a lot better than their first round pick.

74. QB Russell Wilson B

Matt Flynn is unproven an Tarvaris Jackson is pretty mediocre and could be cut to save money so Wilson makes some sense, but I think this is a bit early. Wilson has a pretty average arm on a typical dropback, though he has a great arm on the run. He’s mobile, but undersized and he has every tangible possible. I had a 4th round grade.

106. RB Robert Turbin A-

They just gave Marshawn Lynch a big deal, but he has a history of injury problems and his running style could lead to those continuing in the future. Robert Turbin is a solid value in this range and gives them a needed #2 back.

114. DT Jaye Howard C+

They could use another defensive tackle I guess, but the offensive line was a bigger need considering all the injuries they had upfront last year. This is a round or two too early for Howard too.

154. OLB Korey Toomer C

I had Toomer outside of my top 250, which is fine in the 7th round, but this is the 5th. At least it fills a need.

172. CB Jeremy Lane C+

Similar to what I said above, only this is 18 picks later so it’s a C+, not a C.

181. S Winston Guy B

Guy doesn’t really have a position because he’s a bit of a tweener linebacker/safety, but I said the same thing about Kam Chancellor a few years ago (oops) and Guy can contribute on special teams. I don’t see any need for another safety as they have two of the best young safeties in the league, but it’s the 6th round.

225. DT JR Sweezy B+

Another defensive tackle? At least this one is a better value and it’s only a 7th rounder.

232. DT Greg Scruggs C

A 3rd defensive tackle? I didn’t have Scruggs in my top 250 and they really didn’t need another player at this position. Defensive linemen typically don’t play special teams either. This is as bad of a grade as I can give in the 7th round.

Bruce Irvin is not a 1st round prospect. He’s Aaron Maybin. I’ve already explained that. Bobby Wagner and Russell Wilson were better picks, but still minor reaches. Even their mid and late round picks didn’t make any sense. The only pick that got an A of any form was Robert Turbin as a backup to Marshawn Lynch. They didn’t address their offensive line at all, despite all the injuries they had last season and I would have liked to have seen a receiver at some point. They might have only gotten one starter out of this draft, Bobby Wagner in the 2nd round.

Grade: D


  6 Responses to “Seahawks Draft 2012”

  1. You Jack Ass,
    What’s your Grade for the Seahawks now? You no nothing asses analysts make me puke. I know more about football players and I haven’t watched a football game in three years. I can only afford a radio.
    Ask KIRO about my predictions about Russell Wilson. Personally, I’ve known Bruce Irvin since he was a baby. Yes, kids grow up fast in the ATL when there don’t seem to be any hope. They see their parents running after those minimum wage jobs without any hope of promotion or increase in pay. I know about his Natural Ability as well as his past. Yes, people change when they realize Hope. Maybe you should try a change to a profession you have knowledge.
    So, the next time you want to grade a player, run it by me first. I will give you a clue as to where to rate them.
    I remember, as a bird dog scout for the Mets, recommending Roger Clemons to Joe Torre and Bob Gibson. They didn’t think the kid was worth drafting in the first round of the Baseball draft. So, he decided to go to the University of Texas and the rest is history. I still like Bob and Joe though.

  2. wow. look at the draft now! the best in the league!!

    • possibly offensive and defensive ROY from same draft, yep that will do it. i’d like to see irvin prove he’s something other than a nickel rusher first though, but the other two were great picks.

  3. So funny, Super Bowls will be won because of this draft. Russel Wilson will be the best Seahawks ever.

    • I still think only two starters came out of this draft. (of course Wagner and Wilson are DROY and OROY candidates). Irvin didn’t play as well as his sack numbers looked and I don’t think he starts long term.

  4. Irving has 8 sacks, Wagner was up for defensive ROY, and I shouldn’t even have to mention Russell Wilson.

    Lane took over starting for Chancler, and Seahawks blew teams out. Guy steps in here and there and does really well. Lane would be signed to a starting deal if Seattle let him go. He will be the nickel back next year, and we may lose Sherman or Chancler to free agency in the coming 2 years.

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