Nov 092013

Last week: 1 (-1)

Record: 8-1

The Seahawks move down because I don’t think the Broncos would beat the Rams and the Buccaneers by just a combined 8 points. The Broncos were on a bye so I don’t have a chance to talk about why they are better than the Seahawks so I’ll just do it here. The Broncos rank 2nd in rate of moving the chains differential, behind only Carolina of all teams, while the Seahawks rank 8th. In DVOA, Denver is 1st, while Seattle is 2nd (Carolina is 3rd). In point differential, Denver is 1st, while Seattle is 4th. And Denver hasn’t been reliant on winning the turnover battle, as they are only recovering 37% of fumbles.

Week 9 Studs

QB Russell Wilson

C Max Unger

LE Michael Bennett

DT Tony McDaniel

Week 9 Duds

RG JR Sweezy

LE Red Bryant

FS Earl Thomas

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