Sep 112013

It might not seem like a 5 point win over the Panthers is that impressive, but if the Panthers are as good as I think they are, it is, especially in Carolina at 1 PM ET. The Seahawks have a very easy home schedule this year (San Francisco this week is their only home test) and they could easily go 8-0 at home again. That’s 9 wins right there. All they would have to do is go 3-4 in their other 7 road games to get to 12 wins, which could get them the #1 seed and home field, which would make them near impossible to stop. Their biggest competition is the 49ers, who they play this week. If they can’t win the division, they’ll have to win 4 away from Seattle to win the Super Bowl. It’d be a huge difference for this team.

Week 1 Studs


Week 2 Duds

RB Marshawn Lynch

LOLB KJ Wright

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