Oct 032013

Last week: 1

Record: 4-0

The Broncos have a higher points differential than the Seahawks (88 to 62), but the Seahawks have a better ratio of points for and points against than the Broncos, scoring 109 points to 47 points for their opponents (2.32), as opposed to 179 points for the Broncos, as opposed to 91 points for their opponents (1.97). The Seahawks have arguably played the tougher schedule, as well. They could absolutely beat Denver on a neutral field. They have the secondary to limit Denver’s passing offense and are better suited to winning a game in the cold later in the season, particularly in a cold weather Super Bowl.

Week 4 Studs

C Lemuel Jeanpierre

LE Red Bryant

LE Cliff Avril

RE Michael Bennett

DT Brandon Mebane

Week 4 Studs

RT Michael Bowie

RG JR Sweezy

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