Jul 242012

Clemons was owed just 4 million dollars this season, 3 million if you count the 1 million that the Seahawks were allowed to reduce his salary by after he skipped mandatory minicamp last month, per his contract. This deal rips up the final year of his old deal and replaces it with a 3 year, 21 million dollar contract and keeps Clemons from holding out into Training Camp, which could have led to him getting out of shape.

This deal extends through Clemons’ age 33 season, but I doubt there’s any guaranteed money after the first 2 years and, as of right now, Clemons is one of the league’s best pass rushers and the Seahawks’ only proven pass rusher. Since arriving to the Seahawks as a nondescript player before the 2010 season, Clemons has been one of the best defensive ends in the league, Clemons had 24 sacks, 18 quarterback hits, and 97 quarterback pressures over the last 2 seasons. That’s worth at least 7 million dollars this season and probably worth 7 million dollars next season.

Grade: A

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