May 272012

Though they signed veteran running back Joseph Addai, ESPN Boston’s Mike Reiss believes that 2nd year players Stevan Ridley and Shane Vereen will get the “bulk of the carries” for the Patriots this year. This would make the most sense, but Bill Belichick is often unpredictable with his running backs and tends to go with experience over anything, which Addai represents. As it stands right now, I would say Vereen and Ridley will split 1st and 2nd down carries and passing down specialist Danny Woodhead will come in on passing downs. Addai may or may not make the Patriots’ final 53 man roster.

  2 Responses to “Shane Vereen and Stevan Ridley expected to get the bulk of the carries for Patriots”

  1. I think your lodgic is fine, but if

    I think the lodgic is great, but if Addai has anything left in the tank, then Bellichick will go with the
    proven deal. That’s life in NE.

  2. Life in NE now represents trading up in the draft, and striving to give Tom Brady and the organization the best possible shot at another Super Bowl. Billy will go with who knows the play book, who won’t fumble, who can catch and pass block and, in certain situations, provide that extra talent ability and mental toughness required to make a game changing play. Vareen’s youth vs Joey’s experience? I’ll take Vareen, for the items mentioned.

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