Sep 252013

Last week: 22 (+2)

The Rams have spent a lot of money in the past two off-seasons and it hasn’t really seemed to have gotten them anywhere. Cortland Finnegan and James Laurinaitis, two of their big money guys, are struggling mightily, which puts the Rams in a tough situation. The Rams can’t really cut either, even if they continue to struggle, but they can’t upgrade them either so they have to hope they rebound. Finnegan has been the worst offender, allowing 13 completions on 15 attempts for 175 yards and 2 touchdowns through 3 games, grading out as ProFootballFocus’ worst ranked cornerback thus far. Fortunately, they could have two top-10 picks on their way if they and the Redskins continue to struggle.

Week 3 Studs


Week 3 Duds

WR Chris Givens

TE Jared Cook

RG Harvey Dahl

LE Chris Long

MLB James Laurinaitis

CB Cortland Finnegan

DT Jermelle Cudjo

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