Mar 212014

Clinton McDonald was a 7th round pick in 2009 and played just 794 snaps in his career before this season. He was actually cut by the Seahawks in final cuts and re-signed in mid-September. Given that, it might seem weird that McDonald is getting a 12 million dollar deal over 4 years from the Buccaneers now here in March, but McDonald had a very solid season as one of the cogs on a Seattle defensive line that helped them win the Super Bowl.

McDonald was Pro Football Focus’ 27th ranked defensive tackle, excelling as a pass rusher and grading out above average overall. He’s still a one year wonder and you don’t know how he’ll do outside of Seattle’s system, but 3 million dollars yearly, with 4.75 million guaranteed, is not very much money. That’s a small enough gamble for the defensive tackle needy Buccaneers to bet that McDonald will continue to be a solid contributor at defensive tackle. The price is right here.

Grade: A-

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