Terrence Cody

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May 122012


Nose Tackle 


6-4 349

40 time: 5.64

Draft board overall prospect rank: #18

Draft board nose tackle rank: #1

Overall rating: 87*

2/27/10: Cody weighed in at 370 at his Senior Bowl weigh in after promising he’d be at 355 and his stock lowered. Cody weighed in at 354 today at the combine. He still needs to lose some weight, but I think I can move him back up a little after dropping him following the Senior Bowl. If you’ve ever seen this guy play, he might be the most agile 354 pound man you’ve ever seen. 

1/26/10: He is a large man. One can only hope he keeps his shirt on when he runs the 40 at the combine. 

             5/19/09: At 370 pounds, Terrence Cody is an athletic freak of nature deadly against the run. He has been given the nickname Mount Cody because of his size and he eats opposing centers for breakfast. His amazing run stuffing ability doesn’t always show up on the stat sheet, or at least his own stat sheet, but he was a huge part of why Alabama was the longest undefeated team in College Football last year, as well as a huge part of their amazing defense. He gets a great push on the offensive line and opposing ball carriers rarely, if ever, break his tackles. He doesn’t have a great reputation for having a great work ethic, especially because of his size and high body fat percent, but when he has needed to lose weight he has. When he was a 410 pound nose tackle in Junior College who couldn’t get a Division 1 job because of his size, he lost 30 pounds and got a scholarship to the University of Alabama. When Coach Nick Saban was taking him out on 3rd and longs because he is not much of a factor against the pass, he lost another 10 and will likely be an every down nose tackle next season. There are questions about his motor and his durability and he occasionally takes a few plays off. He is injury prone, which is typical for someone of his size. There are questions about his experience. He has only played one season at Alabama, 2 in junior college, so I think it was smart for him to return. As long as he doesn’t struggle or get hurt, his decision to return was smart. He is actually very mobile and agile for a 370 pound monster, and has great lateral movement, which helps against some of the quicker running backs, but he doesn’t have good chase speed at all and his footwork as a pass rusher is very subpar, so he won’t get a lot of sacks. Because of that, he can only realistically play one position at the next level, 3-4 nose tackle, which will be part of the reason why he is likely a top 20 pick and a top 10 pick like BJ Raji was in this past draft. Still, all in all, he’s a beast of a nose tackle and with more teams switching to the 3-4, he’ll be highly sought after. There aren’t that many pure run stuffing nose tackles like Cody out there and that is what a lot of 3-4 teams are going to be looking for in the 1st round.

 Comparison: Kris Jenkins 

*= For a breakdown of what this means, click here

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