May 152012

The Redskins resigned Tim Hightower this week, giving them a 4th running back to go with Roy Helu, Evan Royster, and rookie Alfred Morris. It was believed that Hightower was brought in to be a #2 back, but Mike Jones of the Washington Post believes Hightower could start for them. This makes some sense because Hightower is such a well rounded back and he played well to start the season last year before a knee injury. Roy Helu averaged a higher YPC as the starter after Hightower got hurt and Royster was solid as a backup last year.

Meanwhile, Mike Shanahan has been talking up rookie Alfred Morris in rookie camp. Shanahan changes his mind often with running backs and he seems to have set himself with the ability to do so several times during the season this year. It’ll once again be a frustrating situation for fantasy owners. Gun to my head, I’d rank the 4 backs Helu, Hightower, Royster, and Morris in the order I value them in fantasy.


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