Apr 072014

Last off-season, DeAngelo Hall was cut from his large contract by the Redskins and brought back on a cheap one-year deal worth about a million dollars. It made sense. He was going into his age 30 season and had graded out below average on Pro Football Focus in 4 of his last 5 seasons, dating back to 2008. The only season he graded out above average was 2010. In 2011, he was Pro Football Focus’ 66th ranked cornerback out of 109 eligible and in 2012 he was 70th out of 113 eligible. He struggled again in 2013, grading out 84th out of 110 eligible and, now going into his age 31 season, I thought he’d have to settle for another cheap one year deal on the open market.

I guess the Redskins had different idea, giving him this 4-year deal worth 17 million. I’m not entirely sure what he did to deserve that. He was part of the problem for the Redskins in their terrible secondary last season, not part of the solution, and they could have gotten a much better cornerback for this kind of money. The only good part of this deal is that there is just 4.5 million over 1 season guaranteed. The Redskins can cut him after one year, which they probably will after he predictably struggles again next season, and not owe him anything more. This could easily be just a 1-year, 4.5 million dollar deal with the cap hit split over 2 seasons. Even that’s about 4 times too much over a year for Hall though.

Grade: C-

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