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What is this? Well, in addition to our own Power Rankings, we are going to post this top 15 called the Ultimate Football Rankings (UFB Rankings). It’s compiled of a bunch of rankings of a bunch of good sites, including ours (see bottom) and adds a contrast to our regular Power Rankings. More sites will be added as the weeks go on.

(1)  1. Green Bay Packers (8)  9 – 0    next vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The Packers continue to be the dominant team in the NFL behind MVP favorite Aaron Rodgers, who is playing at a higher level than anyone including Tom Brady’s record setting season (130.7 QB Rating  according to 

(2)  2. San Francisco 49ers  8 – 1   next vs Arizona Cardinals

Top points defense in football, and averaging 25.9 PPG offensively. Harbaugh has made this team a hard-nosed playoff.  The number one rush defense had little challenge again against the Giants.  One more easy week, then they host the Steelers.

(4)  3. Pittsburgh Steelers  7 – 3   next bye

Road win over Cincy keeps Steelers in division hunt.  Probably the most consistent team in the AFC.  They get this week to get a well needed rest, the aging Steelers couldn’t of asked for better timing for a bye week. 

(5)  4. New Orleans Saints  7 – 3   next bye

Bye week to get them rested for a stretch run that includes 4 outta 5 teams over .500, Tampa Bay may have fallen back a bit, but Atlanta is still in the hunt, but its a division that New Orleans now controls after that huge win, They will most certainly use this week off to go buy Mr. Smith of Atlanta a nice gift, seeming he gave them one on Sunday.

(8)  5. New England Patriots  6 – 3  next vs Kansas City Chiefs

Tom Brady threw for 3 touchdowns despite facing the “top corner” in the NFL. Took advantage of his tight end, Rob Gronkowski, for 2 touchdowns, in dismantling the Jets, 37-16.  Still looking for the defense to show up this season.  Running out of time, if they don’t find it by week 17, they won’t find it in the playoffs.

(3)  6. Baltimore Ravens  6 – 3   next vs Cincinnati Bengals

Their schedule doesn’t favor them well (even though they play the Browns twice) but that sweep of Pittsburgh is a lot bigger then you think…Because it might decide the division. But the loss in Seattle was a killer…..A must bounce back game against Cincy this week who also, is right in the thick of things in the AFC North.

(9)  7. Chicago Bears  6 – 3   next vs San Diego Chargers

 Beat a good team in Detroit this week, and have steadily improved since Martz adjusted to 3 and 5 step drops as well as a heavy dose at Matt Forte, who should start seeing MVP considerations.  Defense has stepped up and are looking like the Bears we remember.

(10)  8. Houston Texans  7 – 3   next bye

 I know I shouldn’t put the Schaub injury as a decider of where they go in the rankings but lets face it…..Its over in Houston, Kubiak can’t catch a break and a first round bounce is the best they can ask for. The question should now be asked. Can they hold a 2 game lead with 6 games left, 4 tough match ups down the stretch?  The AFC South might become the most exciting division race now because CJ is turning it up in Tennessee and oh, why is that Tennessee on the schedule visiting Houston on the final week of the season???  Hmmmmm…..Might come down to that, oh and the right arm of Matt Leinhart. Good luck, I guess everyone deserves second chances…

(7)  9. New York Giants  6 – 3   next vs Philadelphia Eagles

Really good football team, led by Eli Manning, a ferocious pass rush, and a shutdown corner in Corey Webster.  Lost a close game to a really good team and defense this week.  It’s about time for their annual self-destruction, let’s see if Eli crumbles like usual or if he can finally rise above.

(6)  10. Detroit Lions  6 – 3   next vs Carolina Panthers

That was a bad game………….Just a bad game….Funny how quick things can change in 1 month in the NFL.  The immaturity and frustrations are really starting to take this team over.  5-0 the first 5 games and 1-3 since. 

(NR)  11. Dallas Cowboys  5 – 4   next at Washington Redskins

 We expect the Cowboys to inevitably fall into Aurora Snowmo Choke Mode. But man, they looked great against the Bills.   The Cowboys finally played up to their potential, physically dominating the Buffalo Bills, not turning the ball over and Demarco Murray is really allowing the offense to play up to its talent.

(12)  12. Cincinnati Bengals  6 – 3   next at Baltimore Ravens

Cam Newton gets a lot of rep for what he’s done this year. But my offensive rookie of the year is the Red Rifle baby, ride that Andy Dalton!  Remember when the Bengals were clear cut crap team at the beginning of the year? So much for that, out with the old(Bad records, poor defense, Carson Palmer and some guy who changes his last name) and in with the new(AJ Green, Andy Dalton, and company) and BAM, you got yourself the Bengals.

(NR)  13. New York Jets  5 – 4   next  at Denver Broncos

Wild Card or bust!!!!  Brady made the Jets look silly at home.  As long as Bill Belichick is in charge, the Jets will never get this division.  So much for a guarantee and at this point, there might not be any playoffs.

(13)  14. Atlanta Falcons  5 – 4   next vs Tennessee Titans

 Played New Orleans in a close game, and have a ton of weapons on offense that allow them to be explosive at any moment.  Defense needs to step up if they are wanting to make playoffs.  One other piece needs to improve to make playoffs, the decision making made by coach Mike Smith.

(NR)  15. Denver Broncos  4 – 5   next vs New York Jets

This team commits less to the passing game then Kimmy K commits to marriage…HEY OH!!!!  It wasn’t beautiful, but Tebow is getting the job done. 1 Game outta the division and this team isn’t out of a possible division championship, ….Because the AFC West is absolute garbage.

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