May 122012

Power Rankings will be more detailed next week

The teams that are terrible 

32. Buffalo Bills 0-7

31. Carolina Panthers 1-6

30. Cleveland Browns 2-5

29. Dallas Cowboys 1-6

The teams that are not quite as terrible, but still pretty terrible 

28. San Francisco 49ers 2-6

27. Denver Broncos 2-6

26. Arizona Cardinals 3-4

25. Cincinnati Bengals 2-5

The team that should be a sleeper in 2011, but everyone will have them as their sleeper so much that they’ll actually become overrated

24. Detroit Lions 2-5

The teams that are in worse shape than their record would appear 

23. Jacksonville Jaguars 4-4

22. Chicago Bears 4-3

The teams that have surprised

21. Oakland Raiders 4-4

20. St. Louis Rams 4-4

The team that’s best in the NFC West, but only by default

19. Seattle Seahawks 4-3

The teams in massive chaos that could still make the playoffs because the NFC sucks 

18. Minnesota Vikings 2-5

17. Washington Redskins 4-4


The teams that are in the middle of the pack 

16. Miami Dolphins 4-3

15. Houston Texans 4-3

The teams that haven’t beaten anyone, but have amazing records 

14. Kansas City Chiefs 5-2

13. Tampa Bay Buccaneers 5-2

The team poised for a 2nd half run 

12. San Diego Chargers 3-5

The team that’s overrated, but will still make the playoffs because the NFC sucks 

11. Philadelphia Eagles 4-3

The team that just signed Randy Moss 

10. Tennessee Titans 5-3

The teams that can beat anyone on any given Sunday, but often don’t 

9. New York Giants 5-2

8. Baltimore Ravens 5-2

7. New Orleans Saints 5-3

6. Green Bay Packers 4-3

The teams that are great, but not elite 

5. New York Jets 5-2

4. Atlanta Falcons 5-2

The elite runner ups 

3. Indianapolis Colts 5-2

2. Pittsburgh Steelers 5-2

The favorite 

1. New England Patriots 6-1


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