May 162012

Willis McGahee had a bounce back in 2011 at the age of 30, taking advantage of Knowshon Moreno’s injury and rushing for 1199 yards and 4 touchdowns on 249 carries. However, given McGahee’s age and Moreno’s inability to stay healthy, the Broncos used a 3rd round draft pick on a running back, Ronnie Hillman. It appears that Hillman is already 2nd on their depth chart behind McGahee and ahead of Moreno, according to the Denver Post.

McGahee will start the season as the lead back, but could struggle in his age 31 season without Tim Tebow forcing opposing front 7s to focus on him running the ball and not McGahee. Hillman could see more and more action as the season progresses, but at barely 200 pounds, there are questions about how much of a lead back he can be. The Broncos may have to address this position once more in the 2013 NFL Draft if McGahee struggles this year. As for Knowshon Moreno and Lance Ball, the report did not say where on the depth chart they were, but there was some talk that the injury prone Moreno could be cut earlier this offseason. If that’s the case, it could be Ball 3rd and Moreno, a former 1st round pick of Josh McDaniels, 4th.


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