49ers’ running back coach Tom Rathman says one back won’t carry the load

What I already assumed, after the 49ers used a 2nd round pick on LaMichael James and signed Brandon Jacobs in the offseason, was confirmed today by 49ers running back coach Tom Rathman. Rathman admitted that one running back would not carry the load for the 49ers this year, which makes sense because the 49ers have 4 running backs, Frank Gore, Kendall Hunter, LaMichael James, and Brandon Jacobs, who are all capable of carrying the ball in different situations.

Gore is heading into his age 29 season with 1653 career carries and has only played all 16 games twice in his 7 year career. He’s highly unlikely to match the 282 carries he had last season, even if he does play all 16 games, which, based on history, is highly unlikely. Gore is one of the players I’ve slapped a “stay away” tag on for fantasy purposes this season, unless he falls really far in the draft. I’d let him be someone else’s problem, especially at his current average draft position in the 3rd round.




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