Jets’ Santonio Holmes has a “meltdown” in practice

Santonio Holmes ended last season on a negative note and there was some talk that the Jets could cut him to avoid all of the headaches he causes after a down season in which he caught just 51 passes for 624 yards and 8 touchdowns. The Jets kept him and so far he had been rewarding them, standing out in practice, putting in a lot of work, saying all the right things, and putting in extra time to work on his chemistry with Mark Sanchez.

However, “good Santonio” was nowhere to be found today as “bad Santonio” reared his ugly head. Holmes had what was described by ESPN New York as a “meltdown” towards the end of practice today with the Jets. Holmes pulled himself out of practice because he felt he was being overworked, even though he only had 25 reps. Holmes hadn’t attended voluntary OTAs yet because he was otherwise occupied and apparently was not in shape enough to go through a full practice, which he told the coaching staff, and then blew up when they made him go through one anyway. This is obviously not a good sign.




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