Saints submit revised contract to Drew Brees

A day after it was reported that the Saints and Drew Brees are about 2 million dollars per year apart on a long term deal and that Drew Brees wants 20.3 million per year, it is now being reported that the Saints have made another official offer to Brees. This comes on the same day that there was some buzz that a deal between the two sides was imminent ahead of next week’s mandatory minicamp and that one could be struck as soon as Friday, though multiple sources refuted that.

I don’t see a deal as imminent, but the fact that they made him another offer is a good sign. They know what he wants and they wouldn’t give him an official offer they didn’t think he would accept. The two sides are apart on yearly salary and guaranteed money, but this is a good step in the right direction for the two sides even if Brees rejects it. I still predict that the two sides will agree to a deal before Training Camp that makes Brees the highest paid player in the league (more than Peyton Manning’s 96 million over 5 years) with about half or more guaranteed. That will come just short of the 20.3 million Brees wants, but not too much short and both sides will likely have to budge on their stances anyway.




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