Giants release Jake Ballard

The Giants won the Super Bowl in February, but it wasn’t without loses as their top two tight ends, Jake Ballard and Travis Beckum, tore their ACLs. Ballard’s injury was the more serious of the two and, because he was not expected to be able to contribute at all in 2012, the Giants cut him outright today. Ballard’s agent did suggest that Ballard would likely be resigned by the Giants in 2013 when he’s healthy again. The Giants are his best fit. He was a no name prospect with no career catches before Eli Manning turned him into a capable pass catching tight end this season, something he did with a similar player, Kevin Boss, before. Boss has struggled since leaving the Giants.

Beckum, meanwhile, is still on the roster, but anything they can get from him this season is extra. The Giants drafted Martellus Bennett, who still has a lot of upside, and drafted Adrien Robinson in the 4th round this offseason. They’re very thin at the position on paper, but Eli Manning has turned mediocre talents at tight ends into productive players before. Bennett has some fantasy football upside for this reason.




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