Miami Dolphins sign Chad Ochocinco

This is just a one year signing for minimal money, but I don’t like it. The Dolphins aren’t going to compete this year either way so all Ochocinco is going to do is take reps away from all of their young receivers, who need experience and a chance to prove what they can do for 2013 and beyond. I know the Dolphins have a rookie quarterback in Ryan Tannehill and they need to do everything to make sure he can succeed right away, but I don’t think Ochocinco has anything left. Wide receivers tend to fall off a cliff around age 33-34 and Ochocinco is currently 34 and had an awful year last year with the Patriots.

Besides, this move will hurt him long term because their young receivers won’t get a chance to prove themselves and that’s what’s more important. Tannehill might not even start this season as the starter. They drafted him with 2013 and beyond in mind, yet they made this move with 2012 and nothing else in mind. I don’t get it. Did they make this move to steal secrets about New England’s playbook from Ochocinco? Because he doesn’t even know it.

Besides, I don’t think the Dolphins did this to give their young quarterback every chance to succeed. If they wanted to do that they would have kept Brandon Marshall or used something higher than a 6th round pick on a receiver. They did it because they’re desperate for attention because no one goes to their games. That’s why they agreed to go on Hard Knocks, which no one wanted to do, and now it’s also why they signed Chad Ochocinco, who no one else wanted.

They would be terrible this year either way because they’re in rebuilding mode, but the last thing they need is distractions, a front office who makes moves for non-football reasons, and to be the laughing stock of the league, which is what they’ve become. On top of all this, Ochocinco might not even make the final roster, in which case they just flushed some money down the drain. Sadly that might be the ideal scenario for the Dolphins now.

Grade: D




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