Maurice Jones Drew skipping Jaguars’ mandatory minicamp

Maurice Jones Drew has made it very clear this offseason that he wants a new deal and today he made it even clearer. MJD was not present for the start of the Jaguars’ 3 day mandatory minicamp today and is not expected to attend at all, which officially makes him a holdout. The Jaguars can fine him 60 thousand for missing all 3 days, but that money is a drop in the ocean compared to what he’s seeking in terms of a raise in a long term deal.

Maurice Jones Drew is one of the league’s top running backs and the Jaguars’ best offensive player by far. He’s set to make just 9.4 million over the next 2 seasons and is seeking, presumably, to be paid in the neighborhood of what LeSean McCoy, Arian Foster, and Chris Johnson have gotten in the last calendar year, 5 years, 8-9 million per.

The Jaguars, meanwhile, have said that they are not going to give him a new deal and want MJD to “fulfill his obligation,” even though they, like every team in the league, frequently rip up the contracts of underperforming players rather than “fulfilling their obligation.” The Jaguars just recently did that with Aaron Kampman. The two sides seem very, very far apart right now and MJD seems very, very serious about wanting a new deal.

Adam Schefter believes this hold out could go into the preseason and even the regular season, which would be a huge loss for an already bad team. This is the most serious hold out this season and reminds me a lot of Chris Johnson’s last year. Johnson got his money right before the season, but had his worst season as a pro because he failed to stay in shape during his holdout. A similar thing could happen with MJD this season. Given that he’s coming off a season in which he led the league in carries and that he plays on a stagnant offense, let him be someone else’s problem in Fantasy Football leagues.




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