Packers’ Alex Green might not be ready for Training Camp

Alex Green was a 3rd round pick of the Packers’ in 2011, but managed just 3 carries last year before tearing his ACL. When asked today, Green was noncommittal about Training Camp saying that he’s “not sure.” This report comes on the same day that Mike McCarthy called Brandon Saine the team’s most consistent back. Saine will compete with Green for the #2 back role behind James Starks. My money would actually be on Saine having more carries than Green this season.




0 thoughts on “Packers’ Alex Green might not be ready for Training Camp

  1. These writers are supposed to be professionals? They can’t even puts words together to make any sense! Do you ever bother to go back and read what you just wrote before you make a fool of yourself on the internet? It’s pitiful, they actually pay these people good money, down right embarrassing!!! Pathetic!!! And the best part about it is I see it all the time. Damn shame. Give someone else a shot at it.


    • dude, chill. it’s one typo on something i wrote at 2 in the morning. and if you think you could do a better job, start a website like i did. anyone can do what i’m doing if they’re motivated enough.


  2. I retrospect, it was an unwise decision to have Alex Green on special teams last year. It looks like he will be ready for the preseason in August. We have not seen what Green can do. The Packers are clearly focused on youth at running back , as Ryan Grant is nowhere to be seen and has received no offers from the rest of the league.


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