Texans disappointed with Brandon Brooks’ weight at minicamp

The Texans drafted Brandon Brooks in the 3rd round of the 2012 NFL Draft with the intention of having him compete with career backup Antoine Caldwell to replace Mike Brisiel at right guard. Brooks is not the prototypical zone offensive lineman because of his large size (340 pounds or so), but he ran a sub 5 40 at his Pro Day and the Texans took him anyway, acknowledging that they’re never had an offensive lineman as big as him in their zone blocking scheme.

Brooks impressed in OTAs and rookie minicamp, but Gary Kubiak said today that he was disappointed with Brooks’ weight at the team’s minicamp today, though his weight was not disclosed. This is obviously a setback as he competes for the starting job. It’s starting to look like Caldwell, also a former 3rd round pick, from the 2009 NFL Draft, will be the starter at least to start the season. It’s not over though, but Brooks will have to get his weight back in check.




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