Jets want Tim Tebow to continue bulking up

Tim Tebow has been bulking up this offseason and the Jets would like him to continue to do so. They want him around 250 pounds. Tebow is reportedly pretty close to that weight now and, according to reports, is still in fantastic shape as all of the weight gained has been pure muscle. I wouldn’t expect anything less from someone with Tebow’s work ethic.

The Jets’ desire for Tebow to gain weight is likely due to the Jets’ desire to have Tebow contribute as a running back or fullback around the goal line. They’ve said they’ll have about 20 plays per game for him, even if that means playing him in a bunch of different positions. It appears he’ll start out the season in that role, but, even though Rex Ryan is continuing to express confidence in Mark Sanchez, don’t think for a second that he’ll hesitate to make the switch at quarterback and put Tebow back there if Sanchez struggles. They didn’t trade a 4th round pick for him just to have him be a fullback and a punt protector if Sanchez struggles. My money is on Tebow finishing the season as the Jets’ starting quarterback.

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