Talks between Saints, Drew Brees could go down to the wire

According to Pro Football Talk, extension discussions between the Saints and Drew Brees could go down to the wire, with the wire being the July 16th deadline for franchise players to sign long term deals. If Brees does not sign his tender by that date, he’ll have to play out this season under the 1 year franchise tag and or not play at all, though I can’t see Brees choosing the latter.

This report is essentially the exact opposite of what we were hearing at this time last week, when there was a report that Brees was close to signing a deal in time to be present at his team’s minicamp. He did not sign a deal and has not attended minicamp. Brees is currently seeking a deal upwards of 20 million per year, while the Saints are offering 18-19 million.

It sounds like Brees wants to be paid like Peyton Manning (96 million over 5 years) and the Saints want to pay him like Tom Brady (72 million over 4 years). There’s also a dispute over guaranteed money. The two sides will come to an agreement and Brees will likely end up as the highest paid player in the league, but I agree it could take another month or so and go right up until the deadline. He’ll be at Training Camp either way, but I think I speak for many, many people when I say, pay the man. He’s earned it. This is ridiculous.




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