Randy Moss impressing in 49ers’ minicamp

The 49ers took a chance on a 35 year old Randy Moss this offseason, even though Moss was out of football last season and barely played towards the end of an atrocious season in 2010. The 49ers were looking for a playmaker on the outside at wide receiver. Multiple reports out of San Francisco have said that Moss has looked very good, some even saying that he’s looked like his old self. A report from Pro Football Weekly today was no different, citing multiple sources that said Moss was very impressive in the 49ers’ minicamp this week.

I’m still skeptical about Moss because he looked really done in 2010 and didn’t play at all last year, but it’s possible he might be finally motivated again. That being said, I can’t imagine that motivation was the issue in 2010 because he was let go by 2 different teams and still struggled. If that didn’t motivated him, I don’t know what will. I’ll believe Moss can be productive when I see it, but we’ll all get a chance to see it in the preseason if he still has it. If he does, he’d likely be the starting receiver opposite Michael Crabtree, with Mario Manningham in the slot and rookie 1st rounder AJ Jenkins being eased into action as the 4th receiver. That’s probably the ideal situation for the 49ers.




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