2019 NFL Season Previews

Updated 6/18/19


These season previews will be posted throughout the summer and provide a foundation for my season picks (60% against the spread in 2018).

These previews will be very similar to past year’s previews with a couple exceptions.

Interior and edge defenders will be graded separately rather than a total defensive line grade. In the past, I’ve graded 3-4 edge defenders as part of linebackers and 4-3 edge defenders as part of the defensive line. Now edge defenders in both schemes are graded as their own unit, separate from off ball linebackers and interior defenders.

Scores for offense, defense, and the overall team will be included. Scores are based on a weighted average of individual player grades (certain positions valued higher than others, score out of 100). Win total projections will still be posted at the end of all previews after I simulate each team’s schedule, but team scores give an idea of how these teams rank relative to each other in the meantime.

Entire divisions will be posted at once, ranked by team score. Approximate completion dates are included for unfinished divisions.


NFC West: Posted 5/18/19

1. Los Angeles Rams

Record: TBD

Team Score: 76.33 (78.12 offense, 74.53 defense)

2. San Francisco 49ers

Record: TBD

Team Score: 74.54 (76.03 offense, 72.04 defense)

3. Seattle Seahawks

Record: TBD

Team Score: 73.76 (75.80 offense, 71.71 defense)

4. Arizona Cardinals

Record: TBD

Team Score: 72.49 (70.89 offense, 74.08 defense)

AFC East: Posted 5/28/19

1. New England Patriots

Record: TBD

Team Score: 77.94 (80.52 offense, 75.35 defense)

2. Buffalo Bills

Record: TBD

Team Score: 73.22 (71.11 offense, 75.32 defense)

3. New York Jets

Record: TBD

Team Score: 73.10 (71.96 offense, 74.24 defense)

4. Miami Dolphins

Record: TBD

Team Score: 69.13 (67.43 offense, 70.83 defense)

NFC East: Posted 6/3/19

1. Philadelphia Eagles

Record: TBD

Team Score: 77.15 (78.37 offense, 75.92 defense)

2. Dallas Cowboys

Record: TBD

Team Score: 76.45 (76.93 offense, 75.97 defense)

3. New York Giants

Record: TBD

Team Score: 71.85 (73.39 offense, 70.31 defense)

4. Washington Redskins

Record: TBD

Team Score: 71.14 (70.68 offense, 71.60 defense)

AFC North: Posted 6/9/19

1. Cleveland Browns

Record: TBD

Team Score: 75.84 (76.89 offense, 74.78 defense)

2. Pittsburgh Steelers

Record: TBD

Team Score: 75.74 (77.63 offense, 73.85 defense)

3. Cincinnati Bengals

Record: TBD

Team Score: 74.42 (74.58 offense, 74.26 defense)

4. Baltimore Ravens

Record: TBD

Team Score: 72.57 (70.58 offense, 74.55 defense)

NFC South: Posting 6/18/19

1. New Orleans Saints

Record: TBD

Team Score: 78.30 (80.03 offense, 76.56 defense)

2. Atlanta Falcons

Record: TBD

Team Score: 76.37 (78.44 offense, 74.40 defense)

3. Carolina Panthers

Record: TBD

Team Score: 75.11 (76.16 offense, 74.06 defense)

4. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Record: TBD

Team Score: 72.30 (73.38 offense, 71.21 defense)

AFC South: Posting date approximately 7/7/19

NFC North: Posting date approximately 7/20/19

AFC West: Posting date approximately 8/2/19

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