Buffalo Bills at Jacksonville Jaguars: 2017 NFL Wild Card Round Pick

Buffalo Bills (9-7) at Jacksonville Jaguars (10-6)

The Jaguars finished with the easiest schedule in the NFL in 2017, in terms of opponents record. Ordinarily, that would make them a smart team to bet against in the post-season, but they played at a very high level across that easy schedule, finishing 3rd in point differential at +149 and 2nd in first down rate differential at 5.95%. On top of that, they get to face the weakest playoff qualifier in their first game, with the Buffalo Bills coming to town, potentially missing stud running back LeSean McCoy.

Not only were the Bills the last team to clinch a playoff spot, sneaking into the AFC’s 6th seed at 9-7 on a strength of schedule tiebreaker, but they were not as good as their record suggested this season, as they finished with a -57 point differential that is not only the worst among playoff teams, but also worse than 9 other non-playoff teams. Five of their 7 losses came by more than 10 points, as opposed to just 1 win by more than 10 points. The Jaguars, meanwhile, won by more than 10 in all but two of their wins and have a good chance to get another one here this week. I wouldn’t recommend betting on this because the line is pretty steep at -8, but Jacksonville should win this one relatively easily.

Jacksonville Jaguars 20 Buffalo Bills 10

Pick against the spread: Jacksonville -8

Confidence: Low

2017 Week 17 NFL Pick Results

Week 17

Total Against the Spread: 8-8

Pick of the Week: 0-1

High Confidence Picks: 1-0

Medium Confidence Picks: 2-1

Money Picks (Medium Confidence and higher): 3-2

Low Confidence Picks: 2-5

No Confidence Picks: 3-1

Upset Picks: 0-1


Total Against the Spread: 132-116-8 (53.13%)

Pick of the Week: 11-6 (64.71%)

High Confidence Picks: 19-10-3 (64.06%)

Medium Confidence Picks: 33-33-1 (50.00%)

Money Picks (Medium Confidence and higher): 63-49-4 (56.03%)

Low Confidence Picks: 41-36-4 (53.09%)

No Confidence Picks: 28-31 (47.46%)

Upset Picks: 19-24 (44.19%)

All-Time (Since 2013)

Total Against the Spread: 684-604-36 (53.02%)

Pick of the Week: 51-34-2 (59.77%)

High Confidence Picks: 78-58-6 (57.04%)

Medium Confidence Picks: 199-152-6 (56.58%)

Money Picks (Medium Confidence and higher): 328-244-14 (57.17%)

Low Confidence Picks: 186-181-13 (50.66%)

No Confidence Picks: 170-179-9 (48.74%)

Upset Picks: 107-135 (44.21%)