Jul 122012

According to BuffaloBills.com, there is a 4 way competition for the Bills’ nickel cornerback job this offseason with 2012 1st round Stephon Gilmore and 2011 2nd round pick Aaron Williams expected to start outside at cornerback. The 4 players competing are Terrence McGee, Justin Rogers, Ron Brooks, Leodis McKelvin. McGee is entering his age 32 season and restructured to a 2 year, 4 million dollar deal earlier this offseason, after missing most of last season with injury. Brooks is a 4th round rookie. McKelvin is a former 1st round pick bust of the 2008 NFL Draft. Rogers was a 7th round pick in 2011.

The Bills’ website says Rogers is currently the favorite, but it looks pretty wide open right now. With 4 guys competing for 1 job, it’s very likely that the Bills will also cut 1 or 2 of the competitors in final cuts as no one carries 6 cornerbacks. Brooks is unlikely to be cut as he was just drafted and Rogers appears to lead the competition right now, so McGee and McKelvin would appear to be the ones on the roster bubble.

Though McGee was just restructured earlier this offseason, he’s old and injury prone and only received a 300 thousand dollar signing bonus. McKelvin, meanwhile, is heading into his contract year and has never lived up to being the 11th overall pick in 2008. The regime that drafted him is gone so they no longer have loyalty to him. My money is on Rogers winning the nickel job, McKelvin staying as a dime back, and the rookie Brooks playing just special teams for this year, leaving McGee as the odd man out.

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