Jul 232012

Chiefs defensive back Donald Washington has joined what is sadly a large group of players, becoming one of 30 NFL players arrested this offseason. Washington was ticketed for driving under the influence of drugs, possession of marijuana, speeding, and driving without a license (that’s what we call a grand slam). Already on the roster bubble as a depth cornerback and safety, this doesn’t help Washington’s chances to make the roster. He’ll probably be cut before the start of the season.

  3 Responses to “Chiefs’ Donald Washington arrested”

  1. There are too many high profile athletes setting bad examples for the youth of today. There is a big spotlight on these guys and they need to be more careful on the way they act.

  2. might be cut before season starts? he should be let go immediatley. the nfl should make that mandatory and not be the teams option. people like this give the nfl the bad name it has. if you are gonna hire a loser then plan on losing your investment.

    • i don’t understand why he hasn’t been cut yet. it’s not like he’s an important member of the team.

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