Aug 092012

WR Dwayne Bowe

After being franchised this offseason (which he still has not signed, by the way), Bowe would be owed about 11.4 million in 2013 were he to be franchised again. He might be worth that much, but it really feels like the two sides are going be split ways after the 2012 season. The Chiefs won’t reward him with a giant payday in 2013 after what he’s done this offseason, especially with no guarantee he’ll even sign. They also definitely have other options.

Likelihood: Unlikely

OT Branden Albert

This makes more sense. Branden Albert, the 15th pick in 2008 NFL Draft, finally broke out as a legitimate franchise left tackle in 2011 and those guys are rarely allowed to hit the open market. Unless he regresses in 2012, the Chiefs could definitely slap the franchise tag on him, especially if it’s as reasonably priced for offensive linemen as it was in 2012 (9.4 million).

Likelihood: Likely

DE Glenn Dorsey

This is another option, but, while Dorsey plays the run well, he really struggles as a pass rusher, even for a five-technique. 3-4 defensive ends are rarely slapped with the tag because the defensive end is normally one of the most expensive in the league (10.6 million in 2012) and defensive ends in a 3-4 are not as valuable as outside linebackers in 3-4, who focus more on rushing the quarterback.

The 3-4 defensive end is really more like a defensive tackle than a defensive tackle and defensive tackles are worth less. Dorsey barely gets any pass rush at all and 8 figures is way too much to pay a guy whose mostly a run stuffer for one year. The only way he gets franchise tagged is if they can get him classified as a defensive tackle (7.9 million in 2012).

Likelihood: Unlikely

P Dustin Colquitt

Punters and kickers are the most often franchised because the franchise tag values for them are very cheap and franchising them makes a lot more sense than giving them a long term deal.  However, when teams have players on either offense or defense worthy of the tag, they lock them up first. Colquitt is a fine punter (career 44.4 yards per punt), but someone like Albert makes way more sense.

Likelihood: Somewhat unlikely

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