Aug 232012

According to a report from, the Seahawks have not heard anything about a potential Marshawn Lynch suspension and they are taking the no news as good news after Lynch’s DUI arrest last month. Lynch had been arrested 3 other times in his career and got a 3 game suspension in 2009, though all of his prior transgressions were in violation of the league’s personal conduct policy and this alleged offense was in violation of the league’s substance abuse policy.

Previous reports have also said that Roger Goodell wants to wait until the results of Lynch’s trial before determining punishment, which could very well not be until the 2013 season. Unlike Kenny Britt, Lynch has yet to be called up for a visit with the commissioner, which is good news. Lynch should be ready to go week 1 and play all 16 games if healthy.

I’d just be wary of buying too high on him. He runs behind a poor offensive line on a generally poor offense and he doesn’t catch a lot of passes. Plus, before last year, he didn’t really do much of note in the prior 2 years and, given his history, he could slack off now that he’s gotten paid. I’d let him be someone else’s problem in fantasy leagues unless he really fell.

If you’re interested in doing a fantasy football league with me, here’s the link (no draft date set yet, currently standard, with the option to become PPR with group vote).

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