Jul 102012

The Dolphins used the 8th overall pick on Ryan Tannehill in the 2012 NFL Draft, but don’t expect him to be out there week 1. According to the Palm Beach Post, Tannehill is not in the running to be the week 1 starter, while the Miami Herald reports that the speed of the game has been trouble early for Tannehill in practice.

This makes sense as Tannehill was widely considered a project in this past draft, but the desperate Dolphins took a chance on his immense upside at #8 overall anyway. Tannehill started just 19 games at the collegiate level so it makes sense that the transition to the NFL and the speed of the NFL game is going to take some time for Tannehill.

Meanwhile, the Miami Herald says it’s neck and neck between Matt Moore and David Garrard for the week 1 job. Neither of those guys are elite quarterbacks or anything, but Moore went 6-6 with the Dolphins last year, while Garrard is an experienced veteran who had decent numbers and winning percentages with minimal supporting cast in Jacksonville.

The Dolphins have a strong defense and a decent overall supporting cast. They won 6 games last year, went 6-3 in their final 9 with Moore, and actually had a positive points differential that suggested that should have won 8 or 9 games last year. They might not be a playoff contender, but they could surprise some people who expect them to be cellar dwellers this year. Moore or Garrard will start until they struggle so we might not see Tannehill very much this year, similar to the situation in Tennessee last year with Matt Hasselbeck and another raw 8th overall pick Jake Locker.

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  1. Why is this a story? even B4 the draft everyone knew Ryan would need to sit at least 1 year, leave Tannehill alone to learn the NFL game and focus on the other 2 as starters this year as planned.

  2. Agree, this is no story. Only you media personnel are figuring on seeing Tannehill playing center this year. No fan of the Dolphins I’ve spoke with so far even expect to see Tannehill unless its on the side line with the clipboard in his hand. Gave it a rest and find something else to write about.

  3. Why I’m I not surprise? Next time draft a quarterback and not a project idiots!!!!

    • Drafting a project wasn’t necessarily the wrong move, this whole team is a couple of years away from being a true contender, only time will tell if drafting him was a mistake, the point is he was drafted for the future so the media just needs to lay off him and let the plan play out, we all knew from the start he wouldn’t start this year.

  4. leave the kid alone !!!!!!!!!!!! groom him right. we wait this long. make this team contender . lets take our time n make them a real team to contend with yr n yr out u guys ever hear of billick??????? mother !!!!!!!

  5. Michael, Ever heard of Tom Brady? You know a guy drafted in the 6th round in 2000 who had 3 passes for 1 comp in 2000. He pretty much sat out all of 2000 and part of 2001 until Drew Bledsoe went down with a career ending injury. Can’t tell me that anyone expected a 6th round QB to ever come out to be one of the best QB’s in the league. Look at Marino. Past up by ever team in the NFL and Miami grabbed him late in the 1st round and look at the good things he did for us. Tannehill has flip flopped from WR to QB. I think once he gets some time under his belt he could be a very good QB or another QB flop, but know one knows.

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