Colts Draft 2012

1. QB Andrew Luck A

Not much to say here. Luck was the obvious selection.

34. TE Coby Fleener A

I love this pick. I’ve never understood why more teams don’t bring in former teammates to compliment highly drafted quarterbacks. Fleener was the top tight end in this draft class, a solid value at 34, and will be a huge upgrade over Brody Eldridge, a big blocker who has 26 catches combined in college and the pros.

64. TE Dwayne Allen A-

Another tight end? Why not? The Colts had nothing at the position coming into the draft and Andrew Luck loved throwing to his tight ends at Stanford. The Colts are doing a fantastic job building around Luck. They got the best two tight ends in this draft class and Allen is a great value. He’ll also compliment Fleener well because he can play on the line and block, which will allow Fleener to move around and do more things as a pass catcher.

92. WR TY Hilton A

Teams that draft quarterbacks high should take a page out of the Colts’ book. You need to surround your quarterback with talent immediately. The Colts probably aren’t going to compete right away either way (they barely made the playoffs 2 years ago with Peyton Manning), so it’s fine to save your defensive needs until next year’s draft.

136. NT Josh Chapman A

The Colts defense was miserable last year. I’m fine with them not addressing it until the 5th round, but Chapman is a solid value. I had a borderline 3rd/4th round grade on him and he gives them a much needed versatile, rotational defensive lineman who could see significant snaps as a rookie if he stays healthy.

170. RB Vick Ballard A-

They had other needs, but it’s not like Donald Brown or Delone Carter are very good. In fact, it wouldn’t surprise me at all if Ballard was the lead back by the end of the season. I think he was one of the real hidden gems of the draft class. Remember that for when you’re playing fantasy football.

206. WR LaVon Brazill A-

Another receiver? Well, Reggie Wayne is getting older and Austin Collie has never done anything without Peyton, so it makes sense. Brazill is an underrated player and a solid value, but it’s an A- and not an A because he and Hilton are really, really similar style players.

208. OT Justin Anderson B

It’s just a 7th round pick, but it’s worth noting I didn’t have Anderson in my top 250 prospects. He definitely fills a need upfront for them.

214. RLB Tim Fugger A

The Colts grab another underrated player. I had a 5th round grade on Fugger, but that’s just because he’s undersized and wouldn’t fit in a 4-3. In a 3-4, he’s a very talented player who I wouldn’t be surprised to see beat out mega-bust Jerry Hughes as the 3rd rush linebacker behind Mathis and Freeney this year.

253. QB Chandler Harnish B

Backup quarterback wasn’t a huge need, but if Harnish was tops on their board, I understand it. He didn’t top my board, but I did have a 7th round grade on him so the range fits. Again, hard to hate a 7th round pick.

The Colts had one of the best drafts of any team this year. I’m not talking about Andrew Luck. That was an obvious selection. I’m not going to praise them for it because 9 out of 10 teams would have done the same thing and the other one would have taken Griffin, which wouldn’t have been a bad pick either. But I loved how they built around Luck. They got him two tight ends, including one he played with at Stanford. Luck loves tight ends so this makes a lot of sense. They also got him two underrated, albeit similar, receivers. They got a good value on a running back who could end up the starter at the end of the season and two front 7 players who could have immediate impacts. The only picks I didn’t love were Anderson and Harnish, but those were just a 7th rounders and at least the Anderson pick filled a need.

Grade: A

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