Hate Tim Tebow

It has come to my attention that a lot of people don’t like Tim Tebow, in fact there is a Facebook Group called “I Hate Tim Tebow” with 3292 members. I have no idea why. The man was one of the most successful college football players in the country in each of the last three years, finishing in the top 5 for the Heisman three times.

In addition, he’s a tremendously hard worker, an inspiration to many, a man who is downright committed to football, and an overall good person. He’s humble in an era of “look at me” wide receivers, and “make it rain” cornerbacks, and quarterbacks that kill dogs. 

On the field, he is an extremely tough and amazing teammate that well play through injuries and absolutely defines the saying, fighting for the extra yard. On the toughest scale, he ranks on the level of Ben Roethlisberger, which is a notch below Brett Favre.

Recently he has had decided to go on television for two Super Bowl commercials, putting himself out there in a huge way, to stand up for and be a symbol of the anti-abortion movement. Regardless of your political feelings on the abortion issue, you have to admit that it takes a great deal of courage, as a young athlete, to go out there and stand up for an issue you strongly belief in, especially when it is an issue that is so controversial and so against the belief of the today’s youth.

He has beat the odds, in a huge way. Not only has he beat the odds by coming from a home schooled environment, but, in case you haven’t heard, there was a very good chance that he was going to be born a stillborn. I can’t think of a better definition of beating the odds. Why don’t people like this guy, I have no idea.

Above are a few ESPN polls, that really show America’s unexplainable hatred for Tim Tebow. 22% of America is rooting for this guy to fail. Why on Earth would you ever root for this guy to fail? Why, by comparison, do so many people support Michael Vick, who killed and tortured hundreds of dogs, and want him to succeed when they want Tebow to fail, regardless of his character. I don’t care if you don’t think he’s a good football player, why would you want him to fail.

For which recent Heisman trophy winner will have more NFL success, 62% put Sam Bradford, to 18% for Tebow. Really? More than three times as many people voted for Bradford than Tebow. I actually think Bradford can be a good player, but Bradford is a system quarterback coming off of a major shoulder injury, how does he get 3 times more votes than the guy who has practically willed Florida to victory over the last 3 years. Tebow essentially got as many votes as Matt Leinart, 14%, who, for all intents and purposes, has already proven to be a failure. He could bounce back, but after 595 career attempts, despite having one of the best receivers in the game on his side, Leinart has completed just 57% of his passes on a 6.5 YPA average with 20 picks to 13 touchdowns. Really? They think the guy who has already failed is as likely to succeed as the guy who has done nothing but succeeding over the last 3 years.

Which multi threat quarterback will have the best NFL career, Tebow barely beats out Pat White. The same Pat White who weighs 190 pounds and was 0-5 last year passing and ran for only 81 yards on 21 carries out of the wildcat? The same Pat White whose career quarterback rating in college, in a similar scheme to Tebow’s, against easier competition, is about 25 points lower? Yeah, that Pat White.


The above is a list of how Sportsnation ranks the NFL bound quarterbacks. Tim Tebow doesn’t beat out Tony Pike, the stick figure system quarterback for Cincinnati with limited arm strength. Colt McCoy ranks 2nd on this list because people just love his ability to complete 5-10 yard passes out of shotgun. Why do people love McCoy, who I will bet 50 dollars will bust as an NFL quarterback, I will take anyone up on that bet in a heartbeat, but hate Tebow whose one flaw right now is his release on the football. That’s it. That’s his one issue, his release on the football. NFL offensive coordinators get paid tons of money, you don’t think they can fix his release? That’s his one flaw, that and I guess not being good at making people not hate him. I honestly can’t answer the question, but I would love if someone else could, why do people, or why do you specifically not like Tim Tebow. Leave a comment. Is it because he’s too good, because that seems like a stupid reason to hate someone, especially someone who is humble in the face of that success. Is it because ESPN has a big fat man crush on him, because that’s not really his fault. Is it because he’s an unorthodox quarterback, because, as bas of a reason to hate someone as how they play quarterback is, different doesn’t necessarily mean bad. Look at Ben Roethlisberger. Is it because he has bible verses on his eye blacks and he’s a devote Christian because, last time I check those weren’t bad things. Why do people hate Tim Tebow?


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