Drew Brees and Saints still not close on an extension

The biggest name still franchise tagged is probably the Saints’ Drew Brees, with apologies to the Bears’ Matt Forte and the Ravens’ Ray Rice. However, the two sides are still not any closer on a long term deal, according to ESPN’s Adam Schefter. Schefter reported the same thing 2 weeks ago. Before the draft, it sounded like the two sides were making progress, but reports say they’re still 2-3 million per year apart.

The Saints almost have to reach a long term deal with Brees during the offseason. GM Mickey Loomis is not allowed near the team during the season because of his suspension in the BountyGate scandal and if Brees plays out the season on his franchise tender, he’d become a free agent next season with the franchise tender value increasing by 20%. Besides, it’s never a good idea to piss off your franchise player, which seems to be what the Saints are doing. Brees is worth almost whatever the Saints pay him. Hopefully they can get a deal done as we get closer to the July 16th deadline to sign franchise players to long term extensions.

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