Kenny Britt to need another knee surgery?

Kenny Britt missed 13 games last season with an injured knee and might need additional surgery according to Head Coach Mike Munchak, a major hit for the still 23 year old receiver who figured to be Tennessee’s #1 guy in 2012. The surgery would be minor in comparison to the surgery that cost him his 2011 season and he might not miss any games, but it’s never good to hear that a player needs additional surgery. A similar situation presented itself for the Titans’ defensive end Derrick Morgan in 2011. Morgan played the whole season, but didn’t look right and managed just 2.5 sacks.

It’s not for sure at the moment, but it’s certainly not good news and a situation to monitor, especially for fantasy football players. In 14 games over the past 2 seasons, Britt has had 56 catches for 1046 yards and 12 touchdowns, which would be good numbers in a full season 16 game season, let alone over just 14 games and he did that with inconsistent quarterback play. He just needs to be on the field and healthy.

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