Andy Reid thinks Donovan McNabb can still play

Donovan McNabb has yet to go on a single visit this offseason, or at all since being released midseason by the Vikings last year, but at least he has one supporter, former Head Coach Andy Reid, who said that he thinks McNabb can still play and that he looks good physically. While that does suggest Reid has seen McNabb work out this offseason, don’t expect any reunion between the two.

Reid’s scheme is the only one that McNabb has ever had any kind of success in, but the Eagles already have 3 quarterbacks under contract behind Michael Vick in Mike Kafka, Nick Foles, and Trent Edwards and McNabb might not even agree to go back to Philadelphia in a backup role after being the starting quarterback there for so long. While McNabb might be glad to hear he has someone supporting him, it likely won’t lead to any tangible change for him. He’ll still struggle to find a #3 quarterback job, if he’d even accept one.


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